Existing Conditions Plans:
We will measure and document buildings to provide floor plans that show the existing conditions. These plans are useful to the Building Owner in several ways. The plans support marketing purposes by showing locations of existing walls, doors and other features. The plans provide accurate dimensions and area measurements which are useful in calculating rentable areas. The plans allow the Building Owner to record and keep track of plan alterations in the future.

Tenant Space Plans:
This service supports the Building Owner’s marketing efforts by showing how a potential Tenant’s would fit within a vacant space. These plans once developed are used in preparation of Lease Documents and to obtain budget pricing for the project. Part of this service involves reviewing for any building code and town zoning issues that may affect the use of a space within a building. Our space design options help support the Tenant’s decision making by showing how their use would fit within the available space.

Construction Administration:
During construction we document the construction progress and identify possible issues that could affect time and cost. We coordinate changes with Building Owner, Tenant and General Contractor to ensures proper coordination of the construction team. We monitor performance to ensure that the ongoing construction is consistent with the drawings and specifications.